Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bullied, Sings For The Pope

I came across this article today on People.com & wanted to share. 
A 17 year old young lady who has been bullied because of her Vitiligo
sang for the Pope. 
You can read the article here.
It does get better. Just remember that. Take life one day at a time &
know things get better.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dentures - Day 1

Well I apologize for not posting more about the journey to my dentures. It was a lot of back
& forth trips for quick visits. Today was D -Day. I got my dentures. I thought I was prepared for them but nope I wasn't. It is really quite a sight to look in a mirror & see a full mouth of teeth after not seeing them for 5-7 years. 
They feel very odd and out of place in your mouth - even if they do fit the shape of your mouth. 
Very weird. A friend said my mouth would feel smaller and she is right. I was prepared for having to adjust to eating with them. I was NOT  ready for it to seem nearly impossible to eat with them. I can kinda bite with them but chewing??? Forget about it. That will take a lot of practice as I feel like I have forgotten how to do that completely.  
Drinks are hard too & so is talking - or it seems that way to me. My daughter says it can be a little hard to understand me sometimes.  Also, my mouth seems to make saliva in excess amounts while I wear them. Very annoying. Swallowing a lot or trying too to get rid of the saliva. 

My gums were sore when I took them off this evening. We'll see how day 2 goes.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Disgusting goo! Yesterday I had the molds done for my dentures. This involved lots of
goo on two plastic plates being put into my mouth one at a time. The goo is extremely thick
paste and just awful. The top mold didn't want to come off my gums and it hurt to be removed.
I also about choked on the top one as my gag reflex really acted up. But thankfully they are done.
I go back on the 31st for adjustments. I think in total I'm looking at another 3-4 weeks before I have my dentures.

Afterwards, we stopped by the butcher shop to get some meat for dinner. Yay meatloaf b/c its soft!
There was an older gentleman with vit on him. Mom & I chatted with him a bit but while he knew he had it, didn't seem to know much about it. His vit was much more spread than mine and he did say it had spread a lot in the past year.  The man didn't know it was an autoimmune condition though.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I have a heart

developing on my left cheek. I wondered how my face would react to the surgery. I've healed very, very well. The heart isn't a definite vit spot yet but it's developing for sure. I took a picture & lightly traced it to help show it better. I think its a double heart but I can't be sure. What do you all think? 
I noticed I also have one my neck too. 
I have a spot that was a butterfly on my arm but its changing slightly :(
There is also an umm rather falic one located on an inner upper thigh too.
That one has been around. I won't show it but you can imagine
what it looks like lol. Oh btw, I have started gently brushing my
gums now. Was given the okay by the surgeon.
I go on the 16th for my dentures molds.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dental Work

Today marks one week since I had all remaining teeth removed. I was asleep during the dental surgery thankfully. I am healing well and am eating soft foods with little pain. In a week or two I will begin the process to have dentures at 36 years old. I didn't always have dental problems. I developed them after developing autoimmune & Vitiligo.  I am looking forward to not being a monster or addict any longer once I have my dentures.
I had several bad experiences over the last 5 years with dentists which scared me from them.
Being called an addict by one (which I never was) and painful experiences at another will do that.
I tried to take care of my teeth but they continued to decay. I believe I have another autoimmune condition and have written about autoimmune here.
I am hoping to start seeing an autoimmune specialist here in the near future & possibly get a better idea of what exactly is going on with my body. Why,even with caring for my teeth, did they continue to decay?
I'll be sharing my dental journey as I go along.