Friday, August 17, 2012

Vit E-card

I came across this & wanted to share.It's aimed at all the companies
trying to get those of us with vit to try a new "cure" when in reality there is no cure.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hair Color With Vit

As many of those with Vit know, it can affect our hair color. Often changing our hair color to grey/white. Since our hair contains the same cell as our skin, the hair therefore loses its color. I have for a long time, dyed my hair. I wanted to hide the grey hairs keep a more "natural" hair color for my age.I am in my 30s & most women my age still have the normal hair colors.

I am overdue on coloring my hair. I have it just have not gotten around to it yet.
Looking in the mirror the other day, I realized how much my hair is losing its color.
Not just the hair dye color, but its color. There is a lot more grey/white to it. Of course most would say well dye it. That's what my mom said. But part of me isn't so sure.The society normal is to dye it. No woman should have grey/white hair when young its not attractive.If men go grey, they look distinguished but if its women we simply look old. But to me, if i dye it I'll just dye it forever. Esp since the Vit has sped up the process considerably.

So I guess I'm on the fence.Do I keep dyeing my hair every few weeks or do I let it go?
I suppose its the endless circle for us with Vit. How much of our appearance do we hide & alter and how much do we accept & embrace of the Vit?