Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vit On My Eyes

A friend and I were at the beach today. It was a cooler overcast day at the beach.
Beautiful weather! We took a picture on the pier. Looking at the picture later, it was
evident that I have developed Vit around my eyes. I had thought maybe so before but
was never sure..the photo today defintely showed it. Thought I would share it.
As I've said before I am comfortable with my spots.

However, I do believe the Vit has also caused my partial deafness - due to doctors
having no reason why I am - and having read that there is a possible link between
Vit & hearing loss.. Sure makes sense to me.
Also, my teeth are horrid. I think that's also to my vit. I can't prove it but
it sure seems to be possible. I've taken care of my teeth and yet
they are horrible.
So does anyone else out there have hearing or teeth problems along with their vit??