Saturday, June 23, 2012

2nd Vitiligo Abstract Painting

Here is my 2nd painting in the series.
I was aiming for the Hispanic skin color on this one.
Not sure I got it really but its darker than my first painting
so guess its okay. I need to African American still.I am doing these abstract
to reflect it can be anyone with Vit.


Baseball Game

Went to baseball game yesterday. Just a local one to see my oldest play in All-Stars playoff. There was a boy around his age helping in the snack bar. He was Caucasian like I am. I could tell he has Vit on his face.I didn't say anything to him. I considered it but was worried how it would be taken..and there were a lot of people around as well. A girl my daughter used to swim with had it pretty prominently on her back as well. I think I would feel more comfortable talking to adults about it then kids. Now of course, if anyone asks me about my spots I am very open to discussing it. But to bring it up?? I don't know I get nervous with the kids esp - not knowing how they feel about it and such. While I am accepting & okay with mine, that isn't always the case with other people & I realize that. I would never want to make someone uncomfortable about it at all.