Monday, June 29, 2015

Dental Work

Today marks one week since I had all remaining teeth removed. I was asleep during the dental surgery thankfully. I am healing well and am eating soft foods with little pain. In a week or two I will begin the process to have dentures at 36 years old. I didn't always have dental problems. I developed them after developing autoimmune & Vitiligo.  I am looking forward to not being a monster or addict any longer once I have my dentures.
I had several bad experiences over the last 5 years with dentists which scared me from them.
Being called an addict by one (which I never was) and painful experiences at another will do that.
I tried to take care of my teeth but they continued to decay. I believe I have another autoimmune condition and have written about autoimmune here.
I am hoping to start seeing an autoimmune specialist here in the near future & possibly get a better idea of what exactly is going on with my body. Why,even with caring for my teeth, did they continue to decay?
I'll be sharing my dental journey as I go along.