Sunday, July 10, 2011

Being A Role Model

I had this insight & wanted to share it.
I'm pretty comfortable & accepting of having Vitiligo.
Now I do realize this isn't the case for everyone.
I have a great support system & am very comfortable
in my body.

I also have three kids. In the middle is my 9 yr old
daughter. I have always made a concious effort to
raise my kids to be accepting of themselves & others.
I esp worry about this with my daughter since society
seems to send certain images to young impressionable

I realized that my being accepting of my vitiligo sends
a postive message to my kids. I am not freaking out
& upset over my spots. By my making this decision
I am telling them that one does not have to look
like everyone else. It helps reinforce the teachings
of Be Happy With Yourself. I know that I am
good & will continue to be good with my spots.
My kids are also good with me having vitligo as well.

In a society so focused on looks of one another,
I am proud to be teaching these lessons to my kids.
While this may not be the case for everyone,
it is for myself & my family.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vitliligo Artwork

I wanted to share some artwork
done to help raise Vitligo Awareness.
The lady in the following signature tags
was created by the wonderful artist Bezfaery.
You can find her website here

I designed the signature tags to showcase the artwork
& to help raise awarness.
There is very little artwork which features Vitlitgo
in the digital tagging community. This is just one way I
can help to raise awareness.