Sunday, July 10, 2011

Being A Role Model

I had this insight & wanted to share it.
I'm pretty comfortable & accepting of having Vitiligo.
Now I do realize this isn't the case for everyone.
I have a great support system & am very comfortable
in my body.

I also have three kids. In the middle is my 9 yr old
daughter. I have always made a concious effort to
raise my kids to be accepting of themselves & others.
I esp worry about this with my daughter since society
seems to send certain images to young impressionable

I realized that my being accepting of my vitiligo sends
a postive message to my kids. I am not freaking out
& upset over my spots. By my making this decision
I am telling them that one does not have to look
like everyone else. It helps reinforce the teachings
of Be Happy With Yourself. I know that I am
good & will continue to be good with my spots.
My kids are also good with me having vitligo as well.

In a society so focused on looks of one another,
I am proud to be teaching these lessons to my kids.
While this may not be the case for everyone,
it is for myself & my family.

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