Friday, July 17, 2015


Disgusting goo! Yesterday I had the molds done for my dentures. This involved lots of
goo on two plastic plates being put into my mouth one at a time. The goo is extremely thick
paste and just awful. The top mold didn't want to come off my gums and it hurt to be removed.
I also about choked on the top one as my gag reflex really acted up. But thankfully they are done.
I go back on the 31st for adjustments. I think in total I'm looking at another 3-4 weeks before I have my dentures.

Afterwards, we stopped by the butcher shop to get some meat for dinner. Yay meatloaf b/c its soft!
There was an older gentleman with vit on him. Mom & I chatted with him a bit but while he knew he had it, didn't seem to know much about it. His vit was much more spread than mine and he did say it had spread a lot in the past year.  The man didn't know it was an autoimmune condition though.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I have a heart

developing on my left cheek. I wondered how my face would react to the surgery. I've healed very, very well. The heart isn't a definite vit spot yet but it's developing for sure. I took a picture & lightly traced it to help show it better. I think its a double heart but I can't be sure. What do you all think? 
I noticed I also have one my neck too. 
I have a spot that was a butterfly on my arm but its changing slightly :(
There is also an umm rather falic one located on an inner upper thigh too.
That one has been around. I won't show it but you can imagine
what it looks like lol. Oh btw, I have started gently brushing my
gums now. Was given the okay by the surgeon.
I go on the 16th for my dentures molds.