Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unusual Vit Spot

I noticied yesterday that I have a vit spot on my tummy in the shape of toes & a baby foot.Now to most this wouldn't really matter BUT in my family its kinda unusual. See my mom had two sisters before her.  The oldest one passed away when she was little. Before she did she had burned her feet while walking on the farm. On one foot she lost two toes because of it. My grandmother was pregnant when she passed away. The baby was born with a birthmark in the shape of the same foot with the missing toes! So when I noticed this I had to show my mother. Does it mean anything or just a coincidence? I don't know..but I don't think its a coincidence either. I'd get a picture but as I'm so light skinned I'm not sure it would show up too well too see.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Skin Disorder Not A Life Changer

A very enlightening video on youtube. Defintely worth watching.
Its nice to see someone who is so accepting of this condition.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stigma Of Vitligo

A very informative photo journey by Time Magazine about people
with Vitlitgo. A lot of the world has misunderstandings about the
condition and those with vitiligo are subject to ignorance,prejudice and

View the photo slide show here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Understanding Vitiligo-Causes & Theories

There is a very helpful video posted by Clinuvel Pharmaceutical about Vitiligo.
Here is a brief overview about things they discuss. I highly recommend watching
the video and taking a look at their website.


20 genes have some role in development

Trigger factors
hormonal changes
trauma to skin
psychological trauma & stress
industrial chemicals
automimmune theory -nonsegmental
segmental -neural theory

Current research

Genetic defects of melanocytes
Involvement of proteins
role of nitric oxide
Melanocortins & alpha-MSH

Check Out Another Blog

Zoey has shared her website with me. She also has vitiligo. Check it out. She offers another
perspective on having the condition. Really interesting read. Thank you so much Zoey for sharing
with me. I have been wanting input from others and this is really appreciated. As with any condition or
illness Vitiligo affects each of us differently and we all handle having it differently.

You can find her website here

Breakthrough Therapy For Vilitgo

You can check out the video here on youtube
It is about the therapy SCENESSE


The wesbsite is located here
about the clinical trial being held with SCENESSE.
What do you all think about this new therapy?
Are you currently taking any medicines for your vit?

I'm not as the risks of Protopic have scared me off it.
But I would like to hear from others about medicines
and treatments.