Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unusual Vit Spot

I noticied yesterday that I have a vit spot on my tummy in the shape of toes & a baby foot.Now to most this wouldn't really matter BUT in my family its kinda unusual. See my mom had two sisters before her.  The oldest one passed away when she was little. Before she did she had burned her feet while walking on the farm. On one foot she lost two toes because of it. My grandmother was pregnant when she passed away. The baby was born with a birthmark in the shape of the same foot with the missing toes! So when I noticed this I had to show my mother. Does it mean anything or just a coincidence? I don't know..but I don't think its a coincidence either. I'd get a picture but as I'm so light skinned I'm not sure it would show up too well too see.

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