Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Autoimmune Side

In addition to our loss of color with having Vitiligo, we do need to consider that it is in fact an Autoimmune condition. This means there can be a whole range of issues with our bodies besides just the loss of color. Of course, the loss of color is the most noticeable with our condition and gets the most attention.

I've been doing some reading this morning about Autoimmune to learn more & familiarize myself
with this side. I have fatigue a lot - doesn't seem to end no matter how much sleep I get either and i also have MAJOR teeth issues. Both seem to be connected to autoimmune conditions and very common with them. Hmmm gets me thinking for sure. My teeth were NOT this bad before I
developed the Vit and have deteriorated very rapidly in the last few years since I've had it.

Here are some websites to check out for more information.

Autoimmune fact sheet

Fatigue & Autoimmune

It's also common to have more than one Autoimmune condition. Not sure about that with me but
I definitely hit on the teeth & fatigue issues for sure. What gets me is that, neither of the doctors I saw about my Vit, ever talked to me about problems with Autoimmune I might encounter. Is this aspect of Vit overlooked? It IS AN AUTOIMMUNE so why not bring it up to us? We do need to know what might happen & how to address or combat it. I'm taking vitamins & B12 for energy but it doesn't seem to be helping me at all. Doctors definitely should inform those of us with it. We need to treat the issues in addition to the color loss. I can deal with the color loss - I've talked on here before about my feelings of having vit. But the issues i am getting from having an autoimmune are really starting to affect my life - and I need more information. I guess its good we have this thing called the internet so that I can educate myself on it.

On that line of  thinking, I looked to see if Autoimmune plays with hearing loss. I've been part deaf most of my life & for no reason - that I've been given anyways. I found this article. Hmmm another makes me think.

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease 

American hearing

Fact sheet


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